Can I use mock data with Latest Conversions notification?

Use mock data for conversions display in Cuedd

A common situation is that a new store is just opened with little or no sales. Can one use fake data for the time being for displaying conversions? The answer is Yes! You can create fakes Social Proof notifications for Latest Conversion notification by importing your own data on our platform.

Let’s say you don’t have enough conversions on your website, you want to persuade your visitors that you already have sales? Fortunately we have the solution, and it’s quite simple.

Firstly, you can only create false notifications with the widgets : Latest Conversion & Conversions Counter. Here we will take the example of Latest Conversions. The way remains the same for Conversions Counter – go to step 3 for more information about your fields.Create a Latest Conversion or Conversions Counter Notification.

1. Go to the “Data” tab of your notification

2. Click on “Import Data”

3. Insert your Data

Below are the recommended conversions variables. Be sure not to include curly brace {} around the variables.



You can enter as many as fake data as your hearts design. However, it is always recommended to use real data once your store start getting real orders!

4. After submit, you can check the entered fake data. The Type is Imported.

6. Finally go back to Settings and add the conversion variables in the Conversion Title and Conversion Description. Be sure to use curly brace around the variables.

For example:

Conversion Title:
{customer.last_name} from {}, {}

Conversion Description:
Just purchased {line_items.0.title}. Thanks!

Be sure to use curly brace around the variables.

This is how your Sales Conversions with mock data, AKA fake data, displayed on your store.

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