Tutorial: Conversions Counter

conversions counter popup sample

Let’s say you just opened your ECommerce store that sells shoes. You would like to display social proof widget showing how many people that have made purchases in the past 24 hours. Sounds familiar?

Well, your website conversions are not enough to add real social proof since it’s new, but you obviously want to persuade your potential buyers that your shoes are pretty cool, right? It is not uncommon to use some mock data to in the beginning to make your store appears busy. You could also import legitimate sales history this way from other sources such as Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc, where you also sell the shoes.

Use this method with discretion. Make sure not to spam your visitors with unnecessary notifications. Reassure their confidence but never betray their trust.


Remember that the mock data for conversions are pulled every X hours (X = window of hours from the last conversions/sales). So once your store has its first customer, this practice is no longer needed because the conversions are automatically captured whenever sales occur.

Steps to create Conversion Counter Popup

by importing conversion data


Select "Conversions Counter"

During choosing a notification type, find "Conversions Counter", enter a name, and click Create.

Alternative Text


Select “Data” tab

In the following screen, click “Data” tab where one can import and export sales data

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Click “Import Data” to enter data

In modal, enter Key and Value, and then click Submit to save. Every new submit constitutes a sales conversion.

Technically, since we are only showing the count value, what goes into the key and value are irrelevant. If you are not sure, just enter "customer.last_name", and "joe", despite anything should work.

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Settings > Turn ON > Update

Go back to Settings, and be sure to toggle the ON/OFF switch so that the popup is enabled. Finally click Update. That's it!

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This concludes the Conversions Counter tutorial. You should also check out Sales Conversions Tutorial which is similar but slightly more complex with conversion variables.

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