Add Cuedd Pixel to Shopify Store

Get URL of Cuedd Pixel Script

Cuedd relies on Pixel, a small JavaScript code snippet, similar to Google Analytics, to determine when to pop up the notification, and when and how to trigger display while collecting the useful data for marketing analytics.

You can find the Pixel in under Cuedd Dashboard > Install Pixel.

Under Install Your Pixel, find JS code snippet. This is our Pixel code. For Shopify, we would only need the URL AFTER “src” attribute. For instance:

Add the Pixel to Shopify

Log in to your Shopify store dashboard as admin.

To add remote script into Shopify store, you have two options:

Method 1

Use the Script Tag API and set the “src” property to the URL of the remote Cuedd Pixel script to load dynamically. Set the “event” to “onload

# POST /admin/script_tags.json
  "script_tag": {
    "event": "onload",
    "src": ""

Method 2

In Shopify admin, go to Themes > Edit code > theme.liquid, before </head> tag, insert the pixel.

Shopify Store adding Cuedd Pixel script in theme

We are done with adding pixel. Continue reading on Integration Cuedd with Shopify Store.

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